The Voice of the Child Training Course






Approximately 8 hours

The Voice of the Child Training Course

This training aims to provide learners with the confidence and skills to listen and understand the unique voice of each child, however they communicate.

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Training Content:

This learning explores a variety of communication methods and how practitioners can most effectively listen to and use the voice of the child to understand a child’s views of the world around them. The course considers how for a child with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), we need to consider the unique ways in which they communicate and ensure that these are understood using the range of activities and reflections throughout the course to help us. The course also acknowledges that the concept of the child’s voice includes the thoughts, feelings, needs, wants, perspectives and views of the child, and how we should be mindful of this throughout our time spent with them.

The course is comprised of 3 units:

Unit 1: Communication – within this unit we will look specifically at a range of methods children can use to communicate, the strategies to support children’s communication development, as well as how children communicate through play.

Unit 2: The Impact of Relationships and the Role of the Practitioner – this includes building relationships with children and families, creating opportunities for communication with parents and capturing the voice of the parents, bridging the gap between the home and educational setting, and increasing parental understanding of the importance of their child’s ‘voice’ and sustained shared thinking.

Unit 3: Listening and Participation – will explore international perspectives and pedagogy as well as strategies practitioners can use to support listening.

Time needed:

It will take you up to 8 hours to complete the online self-guided study, practical activities and webinars.

Who is it for?

This course is written for practitioners working in early years settings but is open to anyone who touches the early years sector as part of their working life.


You’ll be supported by the Training team at Dingley’s Promise through the training mailbox [email protected]


On completion you’ll receive a certificate from Dingley’s Promise Training.

What can I expect from the learning?:

You will gain knowledge of and the opportunity to apply:

  • the importance of listening to the voice of every child with SEND, no matter which method they use to communicate.
  • various methods of communication and how to create a communication rich environment.
  • how behaviour is always a form of communication and ways of interpreting this correctly.
  • the importance of ‘Play’ and how this supports and encourages communication.
  • the influence of effective positive relationships with children and families and how this aids when interpreting the voice of the child.
  • international perspectives and how to support good listening.