Behaviours That Challenge Training Course






Approximately 8 hours

Behaviours That Challenge Training Course

This training primarily aims to help practitioners understand and support children with SEND in their setting. However, we know that there may be other children in your setting who will benefit from the strategies and techniques mentioned, either because they have not yet been diagnosed with SEND or because there are other factors impacting their needs such as having a complex home situation. We often find that techniques put in place to support a child with SEND benefit every child in the setting. So ultimately this learning aims to increase awareness and provides strategies that will help practitioners make a difference to the lives of all children.

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Training Content:

This training considers different influences on behaviour and thinks about how we can change what we do and the support that we give in order to limit the occasions that a child resorts to the fight/flight/freeze/flop response to situations in our setting. With a focus on inclusion, we want to consider how we can prevent a child’s behaviour becoming a reason for them to not be able to access the setting or the full learning experience that you can provide there; i.e. how we can prevent their impairment from becoming a disability.

Time needed:

It will take you up to 8 hours to complete the online self guided study, practical activities and webinars.

Who is it for?

This course is written for practitioners working in Early Years settings but is open to anyone who touches the Early Years sector as part of their working life.


You’ll be supporting by the Training team at Dingley’s Promise through the training mailbox [email protected]


On completion you’ll receive a certificate from Dingley’s Promise Training.

What trainees have said about the course:

“Loved this course. It expanded my thoughts to the reasoning behind certain behaviours and also gave me great ideas of ways to monitor and respond to challenging behaviours.”


“It provided a fantastic opportunity to be more reflective and to view other ideas and perspectives.”


“Really informative and gives the opportunity to see the whole child and their families, identifying reasons for behaviour, and ideas for how as a setting we can best support them.”


“This course has been very interesting. I love all the links to resources and webinars. Lots of practical support. Thank you.”