National Impact

Dingley’s Promise has grown from a small charity, responding to local need, to having national impact over recent years.

We are growing our centres to meet demand across the country with an ambitious roll out plan over the coming years.

We are lobbying to bring about wider change, training to improve the confidence and skills of early years practitioners to work inclusively, and providing consultancy to local authorities to better support SEND provision.

We are committed to making sure the issues that affect our children and their families are raised.

Where an early years movement exists, we actively encourage them not to forget children with SEND.

Where a disability movement exists, we actively encourage them not to forget children in the early years.

Our Research

We’re committed to understanding the reasons behind the issues faced by families and their children with SEND. Our research gives us a fuller picture and helps shape the future of our support and strategies to improve the early years for every child.

Our Manifesto

In response to the growing demand for early years SEND provision and the funding and sufficiency issues which are worsening, Dingley’s Promised launched its Manifesto for Early Years Inclusion in 2023, supported by our national partners.

We are committed to ensuring that early years SEND is at the heart of government decision making and to providing practical solutions to build a fairer, more accessible and effective early years sector in England.


Dingley’s Promise has worked hard to raise awareness of our model externally, and to raise important issues for children with SEND and their families. Our political briefings have been shared widely with local politicians and national decision makers including ministers, and we actively contribute to publications and press that can raise awareness.


We work with a number of key organisations on panels and steering groups to ensure that the voices of children in the early years with SEND and their families are heard and to bring about positive change.

charity presentation

Speaking Engagements

  • Labour Party Civil Society Summit Presentations – Joining charity representatives to highlight the issues and successes in the current education system
  • EY SEND Conference – EY SEND Transition Training
  • Coram – National Changes and Early Years Inclusion: The impact of recent government announcements on children with SEND
  • TVEYSPH – Building Early Years Inclusion: Training to support settings to work inclusively with children with SEND
  • Montessori Conference – Panel Discussion: Current landscape for SEND inclusion
  • NCFE Students – SEND in the Early Years – Using training to build an inclusive workforce
  • APPG – Meaningful Inclusion in the Early Years: Breaking down barriers for children with SEND
  • FSF 20 year celebration keynote – Challenges and Opportunities: Inclusion of children with SEND in mainstream early years settings
  • NW Presentation – Curriculum Development: Ensuring your curriculum supports the best start for every child
  • Liberal Democrats Conference – Early Education and Childcare Coalition Lib Dems Fringe Event
  • TES SEND Show – Effective Inclusion

If you would like to know more about what we do, visit one of our centres or talk about strategy development with our Chief Executive, please do get in touch at [email protected]

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