Diversity & Inclusion

Dingley’s Promise is passionate about inclusion,

not just for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in the Early Years – but for all kinds of people who differ in age, race, sexuality, gender identity, religion and disability.

In our society, many groups of people experience discrimination and we believe it is our responsibility to stand with them. We are committed to making sure they feel equally safe and welcomed as staff, volunteers, Trustees, advisors and service users.

We will continue to review our staff and family surveys to capture more data on diversity and inclusion, review our website and materials to ensure they represent diverse groups, undertake training on unconscious bias, and establish targets on diversity and inclusion for the organisation.

Learn more about our commitment to greater Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Dingley’s Promise: Click here to read our EDI Action Plan.

Our Current Priority

A third of the families who use our services come from ethnically diverse communities, and as an organisation we work hard to provide services that embrace different cultures and beliefs.

We are working on translating our main leaflet into the most common languages in the areas where we have centres. With the support of Irwin Mitchell, we currently have the following available below.

However, we want our Trustees and staff team to be more representative of the families we work with, and as such are working hard to advertise our roles more effectively to ethnically diverse communities. We believe that we would be stronger as an organisation with a more diverse workforce and team of decision makers.

Translated leaflets:


Dingley’s Promise is also a signatory to ACEVO’s ‘Eight principles to address the diversity deficit in charity leadership’.

We welcome advice, ideas and views from people of all backgrounds – especially those with lived experience. If you would like to contribute to diversity and inclusion at Dingley’s Promise please contact Catherine at [email protected]