The difference we make at Dingley’s Promise

Our Christmas campaign is well and truly underway, with every donation being doubled this week!

Why should you donate?  The answer – to help children just like Alfie:

Since joining Dingley’s Promise. Alfie has taken his first steps without a walker and has overcome his co-ordination difficulties to use a spoon at lunchtime.

Alfie is a cheeky little character, who likes to make himself heard and known by all!

Diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, his condition has an impact on his physical development, communication and language.  When he first joined us, he had little muscle tone and was not particularly mobile. He found himself at risk of choking for having too much in his mouth and was reluctant to try new foods.  Alfie also had little in the way of communication and so would get very frustrated when others couldn’t understand him.

IMG_8077 -2


Planning Alfie’s week to support his development, included introducing Makaton and using a specialist walker with heaps of encouragement, that has helped Alfie come on in leaps and bounds.  Alfie now uses signs to get across what he wants and Dingley’s Promise proves to be a perfect place for Speech and Language intervention.

Through his walking frame, Alfie is able to explore all of our nursery, developing his physical strength.  We continue to support Alfie with his goals, helping him overcome the frustration that he can feel and keeping him motivated.  Having supported the family to have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) in place, ensures support will be there for Alfie as he grows and throughout his years in education; truly giving him the best start in life.

There is still time to donate and see your donation doubled.  Donate before 12noon on Tuesday 4th December to see your support for children like Alfie go further.

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