The value of supporting Dingley’s Promise

Christmas is nearly here and this week, every donation made to our work is doubled!

What makes Dingley’s Promise so special and deserving of your gift?  Hear from Matthew, our longest serving volunteer in Wokingham and what he thinks:

I always wanted a role in childcare, but as a man I thought I wouldn’t be able to as male figures are so rare in this sector.  I saw a volunteer role advertised in the Wokingham paper to help at Dingley’s Promise on a Friday morning.  They took me on and I loved it – the rest is history 14 years later! I now volunteer five mornings a week.

Matthew2No two days are the same, and I love that variety.  It is so rewarding seeing a child exceed the limits put on them by a diagnosis, and I enjoy seeing how far they can go.  I have experienced some amazing moments with the children we support.

One that really sticks with me is when I was reading a book to a child who has severe Autism.  He could only speak one or two words, and used them very rarely.  As I was reading, he repeated a new word, ‘baby’, back to me very clearly.  It was such a special moment to be part of.

Each day at Dingley’s Promise is so rewarding, and I get just as much from it as I put into it.


An avid supporter of Chelsea Football Club and soon to be married, Matthew is an incredible asset to Dingley’s Promise!

Can you support our work this Christmas?  Donate before 12noon on Tuesday 4th December to see your donation doubled!

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