Manifesto for Early Years Funding

The current system of funding in the early years is simply not working. Unnecessarily complex application processes relying on high levels of administration are preventing settings from accessing funding in a timely manner. As a consequence, children with SEND are being turned away from settings where providers do not feel they can sufficiently meet their needs. Action must be taken now to prevent this crisis from worsening. Changes to current SEND funding systems that will allow access to funding, enabling early intervention in a timely manner, must be made with immediate effect.

Please read and share our Manifesto recommendations for funding of the early years and lobby your MP to raise these issues with parliamentary debates and more widely. Improvements in the early years will have a significant impact on children’s long-term outcomes and this is even more vital for children with SEND. Please act now.

Read the full Dingley’s Promise Manifesto for Early Years Inclusion here.

Support from our National Partners

“We are proud to support the Dingley’s Promise manifesto, and in particular, its call for better training for the workforce, simplified and sufficient funding for SEND support, and a long-term focus on building early years SEND sufficiency.”

Neil Leitch – Chief Executive, The Early Years Alliance

“We welcome this manifesto as a reflection of what is needed to give every child in the early years the best start.”

Dr Daniel Stavrou – Assistant Director, Council for Disabled Children

“We recognise the need for a joined-up approach across all stakeholders to achieve this, including local authorities, Ofsted, settings and families, and hope that the recommendations here can lead to improvements.”

Megan Jarvie – Head of Policy, Coram 

“More support must be given to settings to ensure that SEND children are never refused access to nursery places because of demands on finances and resources. We share the vision of Dingley’s Promise.”

Gail Walshe – Director of Participation and Regional Development, Contact

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