Service specification

This agreement is for the provision of a course of study, which on successful completion Dingley’s Promise,

The service agreement will be deemed to commence on the date upon which course is paid for. It will terminate on the completion of the course, which can be up to 12 months from commencement date.



The cost of the service is £50 including VAT

Dingley’s Promise will have no responsibility or liability in the event that the course cannot be completed within 12 months post payment due to changes in the student’s circumstances.

Payment for the course can only be taken once terms and conditions have been accepted and agreed

The course finder clearly states where geographical discounts apply and should be consulted before payment for a course.

Training Course Finder         



I understand that once a course had been paid for, this will not be refunded unless there are exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Dingley’s Promise Training team.



I understand that courses have been created by Dingley’s Promise and are the intellectual property of the charity and as such will not share the course content with others.


Amendment or Variation

I understand that there may be a short delay in setting up my course/s following payment.

Occasionally Dingley’s Promise may make minor changes to the course content to improve the quality and relevance of the information.


Learner Management System

I understand that there may be occasional system errors due to necessary upgrades and that where possible Dingley’s Promise will notify me of these.


Complaints procedures

If I experience any issues whilst completing the course or would like to discuss the content I will email [email protected] to enable these issues to be resolved. I acknowledge that any negative comments shared publicly may be extremely detrimental to the charity’s reputation and agree to email [email protected] and allow the Dingley’s Promise team to resolve any issues.


Communication preferences

I understand that by taking part in the course I have expressed interest in hearing from Dingley’s Promise about training and relevant professional development information. I am free to optout of this communication at any time.

I understand that I will be given 4 months to complete each course signed up for and that course access will be removed after this time. I acknowledge that I will receive email updates at 8 and 12 weeks to remind me to complete the course.

I am aware that Dingley’s Promise are consistently making improvements to their service and this may on occasion result in temporary access issues.